Create your présentation


If you've read the chapter on the importance of differentiating design and content, you now have an idea of the message of your presentation and in what form you want to present it.

We will now review the different means of inserting text or objects in PowerPoint

  1. Text

    First how to insert text: a comment, idea, argument. Here is how to enter your text in PowerPoint.

  2. Table, Arrays

    Tables are a visual way to represent large quantity of usually numerical information in a visually pleasing manner.

  3. Graphics

    The graphics follow the tables. If your tables are numbers, you can represent them in the form of graphs with curves that describe easily what your figures represent

  4. Images

    An image is worth 1000 words, so lets see how to insert them nicely.

  5. ClipArt

    ClipArt sont cools... ce sont des dessins que vous pouvez trouvez sur l'internet (attention au droits d'auteur) et chez Microsoft gratuitement.

  6. SmartArt

    SmartArt est un nouvel outil développé par Microsoft qui permet de facilement insérer des graphiques à l'allure attrayante.

  7. WordArt

    WordArt allows you to have textes with beautiful colors and shapes.

  8. Animations

    A text or image moving across the screen while another picture moves; this is what you can do with animations.

  9. Transitions

    A slide which disappears in smoke letting the following appear. Here you will find the transitions explained.

  10. Beautiful and Consitant Background / Design

    Having a consistant design along your presentation is important. The very important SLIDE MASTER let you do this.