Insert a Picture, Image

Pictures and Images give a PLUS to your presentation. Images speak by themselves. Use and abuse them.

In the INSERT Ribbon

In the IMAGES section, select the IMAGES icon.

This will open the Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. From there, find your images/pictures and click OK.

You can then modify your image at will with the PICTURES TOOLS FORMAT Ribbon. We will go over it in a different chapter.....but the best now is to try, no risk of messing your presentation, only losing a bit of time.

Some examples of possible effects you can give to your pictures.

ou encore:

The important is to try et find what fits you the best. You cannot make mistakes, just lose a bit of time mais this will be compensated by what you have learnt.

You can come back to the original image by pressing the RESET IMAGE button here under.

You can also insert clipart images that are more simple designs but sometimes very representative of the action you want to show in your presentation. See next chapter.



Tips and Tricks 1

In internet explorer, FireFox, Safari, with the right mouse button, you can COPY the image.

Once back in your presentation, you can use the same button and PASTE the image whereever you want.


Tips and Tricks 2

The sequence CTRL-C and CTRL-V allows you to copy an image from any program (internet explorer for example) on your presentation.