Your first presentation, a nice example

To show you how Powerpoint is simple, we will make an example in 5 single steps.

  1. Choose a design
  2. First slide
  3. Insert text
  4. Add one slide or more
  5. Save



Choose a design

When PowerPoint opens, the following windows will appear (1)

It is composed of :

2) The central zone that allows you to directly select a theme or search for others on the Internet.

3) The sidebar with different options for the files you are creating. This is discussed in another chapter

4) To start, just choose a theme


First Slide

Once selected, the following window will appear. It gives you the choice between several changes to the selected theme (1)

2) The arrows show you what other pages could look like within this theme. 

3) To start, select Create

4) And if you do not like this theme, go to the next with the arrow.




Insert text into your slide

Une fois sélectionée, votre première diapositive va apparaître et il ne vous suffit plus que de la remplir en tapant le texte que vous voulez dans la zone indiquée (1).

Once Selected, your first slide will appear and you can start typing the text you want in the area shown (1).

insérez le texte

Add a Slide

 And to add a slide, click on "new slide".

entrez du texte 2

A menu will appear giving a choice among multiple formats. Choose one and continue your presentation.

We will see in a future chapter these different options.

insérez du texte 3



Save your first presentation

To save your presentation on disk (or in the cloud, which is given by Powerpoint option and that we develop later). Press the File tab.



Simply select the folder where you want to save your creation et voilà.