Insert Text

To insert Text, there are more than one method:

  1. First insert a new slide to the format you want, then type the text in the areas Powerpoint tells you "CLICK TO ADD TEXT"

  2. Insert a text box by clicking Text Box.

    1. Select horizontal or vertical text box.


    2. Once done, click on the slide where you want to insert the text and type immediately. If you do not type your text, the area will disapear.



    If you want to insert a text box into another text box, it will not work. The insert must be outside this zone. Then you can move it with your mouse or keyboard.


  1. Insert strange shapes
    1. Almost all the SHAPES that have some volume can accept text in them. Like Here.


    2. You do this by selecting the SHAPES in the INSERT Ribbon. Then you select your shape and click in the slide where you want to place it. A standard shape with standard colours will appear (usually blue).
      You can then move it by clicking in the center and moving it while holding the left mouse key down. Or you can change its shape by clicking one of the corners and moving your mouse. 


    3. Then type your text inside the shape.


You don't like the color and shape of your text.  Select it, click the Home ribbon, and the FONT part or PARAGRAPH to choose its color, its font, and alignment.

The Drawing TOOL format Ribbon also allows modifications such as the outline of your text box for example.


Tips and Tricks

To quickly edit  your text, 1) select the text with a double click or 2) by holding the left mouse button pressed and drag the mouse over the text area.

When you release the button the text editing menu will appear and allow you to make a quick change.