Here you will find links to interesting sites, but also a section on copyright.



Excel Made Easy: a nice tutorial on Excel by the same author.

Simple Excel: a tutorial on old version of Excel.




The copyright:

Si vous n'avez pas les droits sur  l'information, dans ce cas il faut demander l'autorisation.

Une explication de base de Wikipedia sur le droit d'auteur (en Français et en Anglais)

Be careful when you make a presentation for professional purpose or for the purpose of presenting to the public for commercial purposes, scientists, etc ... ask yourself the following questions:

The information I present is it public or private sector? Does this information belong to me or does it belong to someone else than me?

Do I have rights to the information (image, text, video, ...) I present?

If you do not have rights to the information, in this case you have to ask permission.

A basic explanation of the Wikipedia copyright (English)