Insert a SmartArt (predefined Chart)

Microsoft  has developed a new tool to create graphics with Professional look and very simple to create: SmartArts (intelligent art)

To insert a SMARTART, various Methods:

  1. Click on SmartArt in the INSERT RIBBON


    1. The following window will open.

      This window allows you to choose the type of SMARTART most suitable for your use.

      It is best to visually browse and pick the one you like. Some will not be suitable, others will be perfect.

    2. Once selected, an exemple will open as follow... always in this blue colour.

      Then enter the required information in the text box on the left or directly in the text of the graph.

      For some SmartArts, you can add Pictures and Images like this. This is done by clicking on the icon and selecting the image.


    3. To change your SMARTART design, you have the SMARTART TOOLS Design Ribbon.

    4. To change colors, text colors, etc ... the SMARTART TOOL Format Ribbon should be used.

  2. Il y a des limites à SmartArt mais vous pouvez créer au moins une sous catégorie qui sera bien intégrée dans le graphique.

    Voici un exemple d'organigramme. Il y a des versions à photos également.


  3. The second method is to click the ICON SMARTART on an empty slide.
    1. By doing so, the same window will open and ask you which SMARTART you want. But the difference is that once the Smartart is selected, the smartart will appear centered in the slide.



Tips and Tricks 1

Use the TAB and SHIFT-TAB keys to create list and sub-lists in the Smartart. But be careful, only 2 levels are allowed except for Hierarchy smartarts.