Style and Content

Why do you do a presentation? For fun, for work, for an exam, ​​for a party? Whatever the reason, your goal is to get a message through, this is the CONTENT.

Then this message, you will packit in a beautiful design, beautiful presentation with beautiful pictures, animations and sounds and lights, this is the STYLE.

But initially, if your message is not clear, nobody will understand nor appreciate your show (because it's your show!).

Therefore separate both. The Package, the wrapping is the Style and , the Present, what's inside the package is the Content.

Here are 3 points to help you:


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What is the message?

  1. What do we want to audience to take home with them?
  2. A clear definition of what we want to achieve is needed. Have a clear definition of the message ready.

What is the goal? 

  1. Introduce a topic
  2. Convincing
  3. Inform
  4. Amuse

Who is the audience ?

  1. Is it homogeneous, uniform:
  2. A class, friends, members of your departement, specialists in the same field: all have basic knowledge of the subject, so you can focus on the subject without going into basic explanations.

  3. Generalists:
  4. An unknown crowd, a wedding. You will need to prepare your presentation so that the majority out there will understand the major part of your presentation.